Thyagaraja Event – Day Ops


event related files 

Mandap Team:

Volunteers: Subashini, Vinod, Krishnan, Bala, Kaushik, Anand

Reporting time: 9:30 AM

Tasks: Assembling Risers outside venue, Putting Mandap together

Once theatre opens, moving risers and Mandap on stage, staying back for tear down

Time it has to be completed: 1:15 PM, teardown : 6:30PM – 8PM


Food Booth:

Volunteers: Sangeetha and Mandap Team after 1:15  😉

Start time:  1:30 PM

Tasks: putting up tables, menu charts, directions, stacking up water cases, setting up serving supplies / utensils, staying back for tear down. Get masking tape, pens, scissors

Food: veg cutlets:1-$3 & 2-$5, tea/coffee: 2$, water: 1$

We already have these:

Lunch plates for volunteers, small plates for cutlets, table cloths, 1x 8oz- 40 bottles water case for trinity volunteers, 1x 8oz -40 bottles water case for food booth to sell to public and one 4oz water bottles case for backup if thats sold and for Aram Sei volunteers, spoons, serving spoons, coffee/tea stirrer, menu chart- in folder shared above, change for cash box 300$ in these denominations: (100×1$, 20×5$, 10×10$)

Food from 8 elements to be delivered by 2:30 PM at venue.

Time it has to be completed: 3:30 PM

Food Booth hours: 3:30PM – 7:00PM, teardown: 7:30 after Mandap tear down.

Pledge Booth:

Volunteers: Vinod and Krishnan

Start time: 2 PM

Tasks: putting up back drop, setting up tables, cloth, newsletters, stationery, squares for payment,

volunteer sign up sheet, pens, donation box, freebies, video – laptops promotions for spark / signups

realtime donation event feed updates ? Pledge booth tear down, who is getting laptop, squares, any QR codes needed for marketing / promo

Time it can be completed: 3:00 PM

pledge booth hours: 3:30PM – 7:00 PM, teardown: 7:30 after Mandap tear down.


Volunteers: Bonita, Sangeetha, Divya, Pavithra, Prabha

Start time: 2:30 PM

Tasks:  sync up on vip seats, food policies inside theatre, protocol on entering / exit during event times,

who’s going to stand where inside / outside, where are the disabled seats and which entrance to get to it,

After 4 PM entry only through theatre right entrance, install flashlight app on phone, policies on reserving entire rows by one person, break time ushering policy


Time to be ready for ushering guests: 3:30 PM – 4:15PM and at half time around 5:30 – 6PM


Will Call Booth:

Volunteers: Ranjitha, Anand, anyone else who’s free by then

Start time: 2:30 PM

Tasks: Before event: 1. Send out emails to:

trinity and Aram Sei ticket co-ordinators asking for will call spreadsheet with the following info

name, number of tickets, paid(y/n)

2. Compile will call list by friday and get it confirmed from Aram Sei and Trinity Side for corrections.

Event Day: Collecting will call tickets from Trinity , Aram Sei Tickets, Online Tickets and put in envelope if they’re not.

Making sure all envelopes have labels, making the final list, making copies of the list for two people.

Getting change and cash box, if handling cash payments in will call booth, putting up will call booth signs, wrap up around 4:15 PM and hand over left over tickets , cash and info to Krishnan / Venkat.

Time to be ready for will call: 3:30 PM


Foyer Setup: 

Volunteers: Krishnan and whoever is free by then

start time: 2PM

Tasks: Setup Back drop for Pledge booth, Sponsor Banners, putting up Madras Groceries Banner, and tear down by 7PM. Need some cord for tying up the Madras groceries banner

Time to be done with Foyer setup: 3:00 PM